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13 votes

Zilco Gel Lite Pad

Front lift. Would be really handy to have when switching between exercising horses I could use the same saddle and just pop this underneath 🙂

11 votes

FITS – Fun In The Saddle Tights

Suggested by Kate Gibson. FITS jods come with rubberized dots on the seat and calf area
to give extra grip and stability in the saddle. Phone Pocket, Machine washable . Black.
sizes xs, sml. med, lge, exlge

11 votes

Ariat H20 Riding Boots

Suggested by Alexandra Morton – Dura Terrain H20 Boots are the riding boot of choice, worn by most endurance riders.
Extremely comfortable and supportive of the whole foot.

10 votes

Lemieux luxury dressage saddle pads

Introducing the very exclusive Lustre range of pads. These pads are the ultimate in style!
A dressage square with a luxurious brushed cotton effect with a very soft smooth feel and an underside featuring our popular flannel inner lining. Designed for the active horse, offering style, durability and maximum fabric performance, be in Vogue this season.
These pads have a number new features combined with our favourite to make these pads so special.
*Towelling flannel inner lining controls sweat and optimises comfort
*The exceptional smooth softness of brushed cotton with a subtle shine to draw the eye
*Double velcro girth straps with optional inner locking loop to prevent slipping
*D-Ring straps contoured to give better fit and allow breast plate attachments
*Swan Neck design for freedom at the wither.

10 votes


The Roma® Merino Sheepskin Half Pad with Half Rolled Edges is luxuriously soft, comfortable, light and breathable. Thick sheepskin against the horse helps relieve uneven saddle pressure and prevent sores. It also helps draw away excess moisture and heat. This half pad is hard-wearing, naturally dirt-repellent and features an attractive quilted top

10 votes


Endurance marathon bridle, riding rings, heart rate monitor

10 votes

Professional choice boots

Splint boots from American company Prifessional choice. Black or option of colour. 🙂

10 votes

LAS Helmet

Las Endurance Helmet

10 votes

Marathon endurance bridle

Great bridles, use as a halter and great assorted colours.

10 votes

Zilco Deluxe Breastplates

suggested by Di Luker, This Deluxe Breastplate is available in 14 colours, which can be matched to bridles, reins & rings. and is strong , reliable, easy to keep clean and lasts extremely well.

6 votes

The new EZ ride nylon caged stirrups

With the endurance season about to start in WA these stirrups give ultimate rider comfort.

6 votes

Polar heart rate moniters

horse heart rate moniters

5 votes

LAS Hitek Anvil Helmet – Blue
Light weight, super comfy helmet

5 votes

Marathon endurance bridle Arab

Excellent bridle

4 votes

FITS Riding tights

In my opinion FITS are the best riding tights . Having bought 2 pairs already. Great for at the gym too. Love the higher waist band. Terrific fit and so comfy.

3 votes

Memory foam saddle blanket

Saddle blanket with insert

2 votes

WW waterproof gloves

Perfect in cold, wet weather, these gloves feature a waterproof membrane and thermal tricot inner lining. With minimum bulk around the fingers, and a synthetic suede palm, you will be assured of maximum feel on the reins and excellent grip so you can ride or drive whatever the weather.

2 votes

Support bandages (polo wraps)

Different colours and quality fleece

2 votes

Oralx Rebound Paste

A great paste to prevent colic AND assist in recovery after colic and stressful events such as long-distance travel or illness.

Under normal circumstances, the horse’s digestive system functions effectively but in times of stress or illness, the horse may benefit from the use of a digestive aid like ORALX REBOUND 3

One of the early signs of stress is that the natural balance of flora in the animal becomes disturbed. The intestinal floras are as essential as the liver, kidneys or any other functional organ. The floras are important in the breakdown and subsequent absorption of nutrients to help insure that the body’s protective immune system remains intact.

In addition to stress, chemical additives, worming remedies and antibiotics can seriously affect the composition of normal intestinal flora. ORALX REBOUND 3 is designed to help restore and maintain the desirable micro-organisms in the gut of the horse, not unlike a natural probiotic.

REBOUND 3 is an oral-dose paste containing an exclusive formulation of host-specific intestinal bacteria. The 30-gram syringe contains 3 full doses.

2 votes

Matrix English Coolback Saddle Pad

atrix English Coolback Saddle Pad

The Matrix Endurance English pads / and inserts are specifically designed for endurance riding. Offering the maximum amount of protection, support and breathability required for intense long distance riding.

This saddle pad has been designed to be used with the Matrix Inserts but can also be used on its own.
Choose the English Matrix Insert that most suits your needs –
Pro Insert or Ortho Insert.

These saddle pads offer a fleece bottom that is bi-level. This means there is 1″ of pile under the saddle and 1/2′ of pile below the leg. This allows for improved heat dispersal. The fleece stops on either side of the girth area allowing close contact. Hook and loop billet straps and girth straps.

The Coolback bottom lining is formulated to withstand the challenges of equestrian riding. With it breathability, density and thickness it gives durability and great protection.

Measurements: 25″ Spine X 41″ Flap to Flap

The Inserts are purchased separately so you can switch inserts for different horses or different needs using the same pa